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Why EST Frontier Slovakia

Balloon Rides

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride and float through the sky on an aerial adventure above Slovak countryside…

Are you thinking about visiting Slovakia and experience the breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys from above, floating in a hot air balloon along the gentle winds?  Come and join us on this spectacular balloon flight experience!

EST Frontier Slovakia, travel agency,  offers this unique adventure in beautiful surroundings of high mountains in Orava or Liptov region, where you can see the nature from a lofty perspective as you float high and low over the meadows and pastures, peaks and valleys, lakes, rivers and countryside.  At the conclusion of flight, enjoy a picnic in traditional Slovak atmosphere, sampling some of the delicious local food.

Year round balloon flights provide spectacular views ranging from snow covered mountain peaks in the winter, to beautiful meadows blanketed with the colors of spring or fall. Weather permitting, these rides last typically 2 hours or more.  Try this new adventure and let your spirit soar on this one-of-a-kind tour that you’ll never forget!

If you’re interested in planning your vacation with us, do not hesitate. Contact us us with your requests and let us know what your expectations are. We’ll do our best to accommodate you and provide the best possible service so you can enjoy your vacation with us.  Our packages can be selected to include daily program planning, transportation, lodging, tour guide or any other requests you might have so you can fully enjoy your stay and also get familiar with Slovak traditions and culture.