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Teambuildings & Events

Welcome to Teambuildings & Events

There are many reasons for investing time and money in a corporate event. To motivate, to inspire, to entertain, to inform, to instruct, to incentivise and to say thank you are just some of the reasons for hosting a company event. Whatever the rationale, we understand the need to create the perfect event solution for your business and have a proven track record in doing just that. This is our MICE offer for you:


  • Improved internal relationships
  • Defusing niggles and running sores
  • A sense of being valued and rewarded
  • Associating work with fun
  • Corporate good memories

We offer 8 basic packages from which to choose:

FITNESS                            TEAM COOPERATION    WELLNESS & RELAX

ENTERTAIMENT                  SIGHTSEEING                     SPORT

CULINARY                           NIGHT CLUB

We are happy to work with

you to create a unique event tailored to your needs 🙂

What else we do:

  • Christmas Parties
  • Theme Production
  • Summer Parties

If you are interested or you are looking for more information, please contact us at