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Pottery Craft

EST Frontier Slovakia will introduce you to one of the oldest crafts in Slovakia – pottery. Sit behind the pottery wheel and create your own vase to take home with you under the supervision of an experienced potter who will teach you the art of pottery craft. You can also choose from one of these tours we offer:  Combined tourThe best of Slovakia tourThe best of Orava tourFamily adventure tourCastles tourCycling tour.

Pottery in Slovakia

EST Frontier Slovakia will take you on a traditional poterry excursion throughout the regions. The oldest written document about pottery dates from the year 1416 and is from Pozdišovce. The first pottery guild on the territory of Slovakia came into existence in Bardejov in 1475. The development of pottery was connected with practical needs of the countryside households for various kinds of dishes. Potters worked especially in winter and sold their goods at markets and fairs. The production of faience dishes started to develop with the arrival of the Habans in western Slovakia. This tradition was followed by ceramics making in western Slovakia, the best-known being the faience of Holíč.

Gradually, centres of ceramics making developed from folk pottery centres like Modra (Majolica), Pozdišovce, Dechtice, Sekule and Dobrá Voda. Many of them carry on with the tradition even today. In Modra tourists can visit a factory producing Majolica and they can try and make their own pieces. In 1883 workshop for production of pottery and a school was founded in Modra. The Slovak Folk Majolica still maintains the old tradition. The local produce, so typical for Modra, is sold in the local plant. It is much sought for both by Slovaks and foreigners.

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If you are interested to visit traditional and still functioning pottery workshops, work with the pottery wheel or take a course in pottery, do not hesitate to contact us via email:  or by phone: +421 904 292 468.