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Why EST Frontier Slovakia

Stone Carving

Stone carving is one of the oldest handcrafts in Slovakia, and with EST Frontier Slovakia you will have an opportunity to get familiar with this, as well as other traditional crafts. You can also choose from one of these tours we offer: Combined tourThe best of Slovakia tourThe best of Orava tourFamily adventure tourCastles tourCycling tour.

Stone Carving in Slovakia

EST Frontier Slovakia will take you on a visit to stone sculpture galleries and traditional workshops where you will meet well known artists who will familiarize you with this artistic craft. You will have an opportunity to try to work with the chisel and hammer and participate in hands-on workshop. Orava region was and still is known throughout the Central Europe for its type of sandstone – preferred for sculpture carving. Artists use it to this day to sculpt various artifacts, tools, decorations and sculptures.

If you are interested in stone carving workshop or a stone carving excursion, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email:, or by phone+421 904 292 468.