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Why EST Frontier Slovakia

Basket Weaving

Basket weaving is one of the oldest handcrafts in Slovakia, and with EST Frontier Slovakia you will have an opportunity to get familiar with this as well as other traditional crafts. You can also choose from one of these tours we offer: Combined tourThe best of Slovakia tourThe best of Orava tourFamily adventure tourCastles tourCycling tour.


Basket Weaving in Slovakia

EST Frontier Slovakia will take you on an excrusion of basket weaving gallery shops where you can get familiar with the creative art of traditional basket weaving. You will have an opportunity to learn this art from experienced basketmakers who will teach you the basket-weaving techniques.

We’ll also take you on a visit to the Museum of Orava village where you will learn about other traditional crafts such as pottery craft, cowbell making and others. You will enjoy the atmosphere of live folk music and traditional barbeque, we’ll take you to popular folk festivals, and show you the hidden beauty of this little big country.
If you are interested in basket weaving or introduction to other traditonal crafts, or have any other questions regarding our tours, do not hesitate to contact us via email: info@enjoyslovakiatours.comor by phone+421 904 292 468.