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Rug Weaving

Learn about the diverse rug weaving traditions and customs unique to every region of Slovakia and get familiar with cultural traditions that are preserved and passed from generation to generation. EST Frontier Slovakia takes you on a journey through these sites of Slovak heritage. Choose one of the following: Combined tourThe best of Slovakia tourThe best of Orava tourFamily adventure tourCastles tourCycling tour.

Rug Weaving in Slovakia

EST Frontier Slovakia will take you on a visit to Orava region, where you will learn the secrets and techniques of traditional rug weaving craft which dates back to 11th century. Traditional loom, same that was used for making canvas was also used for rug weaving. This craft was the major source of income for families living in Orava region.


If you are interested to visit traditional and still functioning rug weaving 
workshops, work with the loom or take a course in rug weaving, do not hesitate to contact us via email:  or by phone: +421 904 292 468.