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Why EST Frontier Slovakia


Come and join us on a cave exploring trip and get to know all accessible caves in Slovakia…

Slovakia is home to many diverse underground caves worth exploring. There are over 3800 discovered caves, spreading over the area of 2700 square kilometers. Caves are frequently visited not only by tourists, but are also explored by scientists who study this underground natural beauty because of its geological value.
There are 12 major caves accessible to public, two of which are ice caves, each with its own unique features. You will have an opportunity to see various unusual shapes and formations of dripstones, preserved rocky shapes and majestic underground halls and canyons with crystal clear lakes. You will also learn how these caves have formed over many years, about the unique features and characteristics of each cave. Professional guides will explain and answer any questions you may have.

EST Frontier Slovakia offers an excellent opportunity to visit and enjoy the beauty of Slovak cave while also getting familiar with Slovak culture and traditions. Come and see what this small country with big heart has to offer and let Enjoy Slovakia Tours take you on this memorable journey.

If you’re interested in planning your vacation with us, do not hesitate. Contact us with your requests and let us know what your expectations are. We’ll do our best to accommodate you and provide the best possible service so you can enjoy your vacation with us. Our packages can be selected to include daily program planning , transportation, lodging, tour guide or any other requests you might have so you can fully enjoy your stay and also get familiar with Slovak traditions and culture.