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Why EST Frontier Slovakia

Food Tasting Tour

EST Frontier Slovakia will take you on a culinary tasting tour where you will indulge yourself with authentic and delicious Slovak food and drinks around Orava and Liptov regions of Slovakia…

Here is a small sample of some of the mouth-watering specialities:

Guľáš – home made Slovak style beef stew

Brynzové halušky – potato dumplings with tasty “bryndza” sheep cheese and bits of bacon

Korbáčiky–  traditional string cheese snack

Fresh-made cheese from sheep milk

Oštiepok – Smoked sheep cheese

Bryndza – famous authentic Slovak cheese

Zinčica – sheep milk drink made from whey – byproduct from lump cheese making

Čučoriedkovica – (Blueberry brandy) – one of the most popular Slovak home-made liquor made only in Slovakia
Jablkovica, Hruskovica, Slivovica – home-made liquor made from apples, pears or plums


Enjoy these and other specialties in a traditional Slovak restaurant called “Salaš”, drink some Slovak liquor, wine or beer and have a good time with your friends and family.

Join us also for Pig Roasting Pary or Traditional Pig Slaughter and enjoy fresh prepared pork delicacies. Roasting a pig turns any occasion into a party with live traditional Slovak music, this will be another memorable event while visiting Slovakia.