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Orava Castle

Join us on a visit to one of the kind historic attractions in Orava region of Slovakia – the Orava Castle, built as an “eagle’s nest” on top of the rock above the river…
EST Frontier Slovakia will take you back in time to a place where horse drawn carriages frequent the streets, musicians perform traditional music at historic Orava castle where you can also see traditional costume show or experience the ghostly and scary late night tours of castle with sound and visual effects.
Many scenes of the 1922 black and white movie “Nosferatu” (adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula) were filmed here. Since then, other movies were shot at the castle as well. Castle is built on a natural rock formation known as “castle cliff” – 112 meters (367 ft) high, surrounded by Orava river.  Structure is divided into Lower, Middle and Upper Castle.  In the Middle Castle is a well that was originally 90 meters (295 ft) deep. To get to the top of the citadel in the Upper castle, you must overcome 880 stairs. This is just a little peek into what awaits you if you decide to visit this historical monument, located in the beautiful Orava region.
Because of our knowledge of local attractions and places of interest, we are able to efficiently plan your vacation by showing you the most interesting and beautiful places in this country. Contact us and let us take you to a place with traditional heritage, still retaining its historic atmosphere where you will feel as though you’ve traveled few centuries back in time. Trip to Orava Castle is an unforgettable experience.To make your visit more enjoyable without the hassle of looking for transportation, reserving and purchasing tickets and to overcome language barriers, EST Frontier Slovakia will organize and provide all necessary arrangements for you.
If you’re interested in planning your vacation with us, do not hesitate. Contact us with your requests and let us know what your expectations are. Whether you come for a family holiday, group tour or business meeting, we do everything to make you feel comfortable, enjoyable and satisfy all your individual needs. Our packages can be selected to include daily program planning , transportation, lodging, tour guide or any other requests you might have so you can fully enjoy your stay and also get familiar with Slovak traditions and culture.