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Why EST Frontier Slovakia

“Salaš” – Sheep farm

Join us on a visit to the traditional “salaš” or sheep farm in the remote countryside…

Get familiar with the daily li fe on a farm, sample fresh made organic cheese, have a taste of “Žinčica” – popular drink made from whey, byproduct from lump cheese making.  These sheep farms are truly organic, and have been a Slovak tradition for many years.  Shepherds and sheep farmers spend entire summer in the high mountains where rich pastures are plentiful, an ideal environment for free roaming herds of sheep to feed on.
Spend time in the wooden huts where farmers and shepherds live and work, witness first hand how different cheeses are made – from lump cheese, to unique “Bryndza” cheese or smoked cheese called “Oštiepok”.

Let EST Frontier Slovakia take you on this one of the kind tour and experience the atmosphere of truly traditional Salas, enjoy the aroma and taste of fresh made-made cheese while also enjoying the beautiful mountain surroundings.  Sheep farms typically operate from spring to late summer.

If you’re interested in planning your vacation with us, do not hesitate. Contact us with your requests and let us know what your expectations are. We’ll do our best to accommodate you and provide the best possible service so you can enjoy your vacation with us.

Our packages can be selected to include daily program planning , transportation, lodging, tour guide or any other requests you might have so you can fully enjoy your stay and also get familiar with Slovak traditions and culture.