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Why EST Frontier Slovakia

Summer time

Slovakia- Ideal Gateway for Summer Vacations in Europe

Slovakia is amazingly beautiful country with a very unique splendor and charm. The breathtaking peaks of West, Low and High Tatras mountain range – also known as little Alps, charming “alpine” villages, rolling hills and colorful meadows, glistening lakes and lush forests make Slovakia a country like no other. Scores of tourists from across the globe choose to visit Slovakia every year to enjoy memorable vacation in a traditional and friendly atmosphere.

Slovakia is home to many charming and fascinating tourist attractions, contrasting scenery and is a country rich in history and traditions. Come and enjoy what this small country with a big heart has to offer, we’ll hand pick the best and most interesting locations so you can take back home delightful memories by experiencing this invigorating, exciting and intoxictating place in the center of europe.

If you’re interested in visiting Slovakia, we’ll take you on a tour with your friends, families or colleagues and arrange a custom tailored trip that fits your expectations. From incentive activities your company may be interested in, to excursions or honeymoons, we’ll be glad to help and assist you.